Ovi Formulas

Andrea Barras Brand Design-12

Ovi Formulas


Ovi Formulas – helping women to reclaim their lives so they can get back to living them and loving them.

New brand Ovi Formulas was founded by Louise Robbie, a London-based nutritional therapist specialising in PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) who wanted to create a fully comprehensive multivitamin for women, like herself, living with PCOS. Louise is super passionate and kind, and a real champion of the notion that women deserve better! Alongside a healthy lifestyle, she knows that the right supplements can support your body to get your symptoms under control and your life back on track, and her launch product, Daily Balance, was designed to do just that.

Louise initially worked with a brand copywriter, Megan Rose, who perfected the brand’s voice and helped to set the scene for our creative journey – it was a joy to work with such beautifully crafted copy and ideas. With the chosen keywords for the brand being POSITIVE, BRAVE, AUTHENTIC, KIND and EXPERT – we focused on the use of bold colour pairings, while perfecting the typography in the primary logo and creating a meaningful symbol for the brand, the innately feminine “upside down triangle with rounded edges”.

Alongside branding, we looked at packaging elements that were needed for Daily Balance – a label for the pouch that the product is housed in, and additional shipping packaging bits. SO excited to see this brand and product out in the world, and can’t wait to see it grow and thrive under Louise’s care, attention to detail, and passion for assisting women with balancing their hormones (supporting them with what they’re going through, and setting them up to feel better in body and mind!)