Andrea Barras Brand Design-02



Crafters of small batch soaps. Handmade with love. Inspired by nature, the environment and beautiful things. All soaps are vegan, eco-friendly and palm oil-free using sustainable ingredients of the highest quality.

My client, Clea, was a dream to work with on this project – with full creative reign, and her trust in my abilities to interpret and reflect what she wanted her brand to look like, we ended up with this beautiful, organic and intuitive branding system that is so representative of all Clea’s business values and keywords. Design is always important, but more so, I believe, for product based businesses where packaging and small details can enhance a customers experience with a brand so much. Clea knew right from the beginning that investing in good branding and packaging would help her to stand out from others offering similar products, and alongside the design aspect, my own experience with developing products, starting a product based business, and more was happily shared through the consulting aspect of the customised brand package I put together for Waterblom. For me, its always about MORE than design – I love to offer as much value, guidance and support as I possibly can to my clients alongside the creative!

From the organic shapes in the logo and patterns, to the carefully considered colour palette (an array of blues for quality, serenity and mindfulness) and Clea’s own choices with the natural-style packaging – everything comes together seamlessly to showcase the beautiful soaps and artisanal processes used to make them.