Artful Biscuit Co.


Artful Biscuit Co


Gen Motley is the talented creative behind Artful Biscuits Co’s incredible iced cookies – she prides herself on attention to detail, making each custom creation an edible work of art. Thanks to her talent, her business is thriving, and recently Gen reached a stage where she recognised that her previous branding was no longer serving her. Having started off with a simple pre-made logo, Gen felt she was missing the character and cohesiveness that custom branding allows, and it was a pleasure to work with her in creating an exciting new look.

With a strong focus on typography, we wanted the logo to feel playful but not childish, modern but not overly trendy, and creative but not fanciful – something that would appeal to a defined target market; that would stand out amongst others offering similar products (we researched competitors quite thoroughly); and something strong and mostly monochromatic, so as not to compete with imagery of the artistic cookie designs themselves – the resulting logo and variations speak for themselves!


“I initially used you as I had seen your work on social media and heard via word of mouth how brilliant you are, the experience was so great that I’ve kept coming back again and again! I love how you seem to effortlessly understand what direction I want to take my business. You offer so much value to your clients with the amount of research you put in to get a clear understanding of the brand before you tackle the design. I very seldom even need revisions as your understanding of who I am and what I want my business to represent is always spot on.”

Gen Motley