Be Bright


Be Bright


Good health by the spoonful! Be Bright sells high quality health supplements – namely 100% pure Hydrolysed Collagen powder and 100% pure Acai berry powder – online and via wholesale to retailers around South Africa. My client, Leanne, had a very clear idea of the kind of business she wanted to build, and she knew that strong branding and packaging (from day one) was a non negotiable. Through articulating her goals and how she wanted the brand to feel, I was able to create a clean, powerful and stand-out visual identity for the business; to help the products stand out on shelf, as well as to differentiate the brand from competitors in the market.

Alongside the creation of branding and packaging, I assisted Leanne with the design of additional collateral to support marketing and sales efforts, the eCommerce website, shipping packaging, and more (including providing regular informal consulting on anything related to brand management).

Watching the brand growing and thriving has been my ultimate reward – Be Bright has achieved so much in such a short space of time – the highlight for me personally is seeing the product being stocked by one of SA’s most prominent retailers, Woolworths!


“Andrea, quite simply, you nailed the brief. I threw a bunch of things at you, set tight deadlines, and through your efficiency, questions, recommendations and suggestions, you guided me into crystallising my thoughts. You have sculpted a brand that I am thrilled to call ‘ours’. I have received compliment after compliment about your work, and I will always be grateful to you and credit you for it. Thank you so much for playing such an integral role in my entrepreneurial journey.”

Leanne Rohrs