Contemplate & Co


Contemplate & Co


Contemplate & Co is a personal brand by Caryn Davies – a registered dietitian and freelance food, health and lifestyle writer focused on content development for relevant businesses. Her qualifications, experience and passion for writing makes her well-equipped to assist her clients in getting more buy in for their food / wellness brands.

With an understanding of the impact and influence that branding has, Cary knew she wanted to involve a professional from the start of her own journey, and it was a pleasure to work with her on creating a mindful, light and personal brand identity that ‘flows’, fully representing what Cary is all about.

With a focus on keywords like credibility, creativity, simplicity, lightness, mindfulness, positivity and kindness – I worked on a hand-lettered wordmark for the primary logo that is distinctive, organic and simple. Colours were chosen for their earthy quality and gentle feel (without being too light or neutral) and compliment Cary’s natural style and personal tastes too. Illustrations, icons and logo variations / marks with similar illustration styles were created to accompany the primary logo, and we ended up with a full suite of relevant and creative elements for Cary to make use of across social media platforms, her internal client docs, and for her future website.


Your high standard of work has given me confidence to share my brand… I loved the whole process – the thoroughness of each step ensured that my expectations were managed the whole way. It was a very personal experience, which was amazing – I never felt that I was getting anything generic.”

Cary Davies