Nursing Mamma

Andrea Barras Brand Design-07

Nursing Mamma


Nursing Mamma – helping South African moms to feel supported and confident as they seek to increase / maintain their milk supply, and to improve their overall breastfeeding experience.

The goal with this project was to redesign the existing visual identity, to modernise it, and to reflect how relatable, caring and honest the brand itself is: Nursing Mamma not only cares about and educates its target market, but it also understands the unique challenges of being a modern mom.

Founded by a mamma of two, whose own breastfeeding journey inspired the brand, Tracy is very hands on and customer focused, to ensure that her fellow mammas get all the support they need, alongside delivering specially developed, fenugreek-free products that really work.

When approaching the design, we had a few key focuses: I wanted to make sure that the brand would stand out and have very recognisable elements; that it would be friendly and welcoming, but not too feminine (especially colour-wise); and that it would be easily applicable over a number of platforms, products and ranges.

We maintained and freshen up the previous blue that was being used, and while this continues to be the core colour associated with the brand, we expanded the colour palette to include additional colours for use on different products (to create an easy way to distinguish between flavours, but also to make it visually interesting and bring in the fun / friendly factor!) The swirly-floral symbol / icon (developed as a main feature for the brand and used across packaging, social media and more) has two influences: it’s a flower shape, commonly associated with femininity, growth, new life – but more importantly, it’s an abstract reflection of mammary glands and milk flow which is obviously super relevant to the brand and products.