Tidy with Intent

Andrea Barras Brand Design-16

Tidy With Intent


Emily discovered the KonMari Method of tidying in 2015, and began helping friends, family and clients through the comprehensive, systematic and enlightening process over the years that followed, formalising her services under the name Tidy with Intent after becoming a Certified KonMari Consultant in 2022!

Tidy with Intent is an optimistic, creative and supportive brand, helping clients to create space for, and to enjoy, what truly matters in life. The brand provides an experience for each customer – helping them to feel comfortable, at ease and understood, and enabling them to embark on and complete their tidying journey with a sense of energy, direction and confidence.

Through the visual branding for Tidy with Intent, we really wanted to highlight the layered approach to what Emily offers, alongside the feelings associated with the brand, and the long lasting and positive effects of the method and processes utilised.

A ‘textured’ symbol for the brand (representing the weave of life / personal stories, but still reflecting space and a lightness) paired with strong but minimalist typography, creates the feelings of simplicity, organisation, clarity and comfort we were going for, while the rich and creative colour palette injects some warmth into the brand (we wanted to make sure it felt characterful and not to clinical and neutral!)